what’s a bookpub?

Storyhouse Bookpub is a new kind of community bookstore. We love selling books, but for us, it’s more than that. We seek to reflect the people and passion in our community by partnering with other local businesses in Des Moines, Iowa to create events and experiences around a diverse collection of books. Making bookish spaces throughout the city connects us to each other and to the art that keeps us all going. 

Have an idea for a mini bookstore, a book club, event or a collaboration? Contact us! We love ideas.

welcome to Storyhouse – a Bookpub that’s all over the place – for all of us

meet Abigail

hi, I’m Abbey! what are you reading?

I’ve always been a reader, but my very favorite thing is having good talks with great friends in beautiful places. I love how books can do that, which is why I spend most of my time working to bring books and people together. I started out as a high school English teacher before stumbling into the book industry where I learned the bookselling ropes at an indie bookstore in Denver, Colorado. For me, there are few things better than nerding out over reading and bringing bookworms together over food, drinks and quirky events. Originally an Iowa girl, I’m happy to be home and working to build Storyhouse into an open-hearted Des Moines destination.

collaborate with Storyhouse

Entrepreneurs, organizers and bookworms of Des Moines, unite! Let’s put our heads together to plan an unforgettable event pairing your space, products, and/or services with our bookstore.

Storyhouse storytimes

Storyhouse specializes in collaborating with local businesses to create Storyhouse Storytimes for the children and their parents. We pair great read-alouds with your space and offerings to put on a great family event.

pop-up shops

Wouldn’t a miniature bookstore be the perfect addition to your upcoming event or writer’s workshop? Storyhouse can build titles around your theme for guests to shop, whether it’s a speaker coming to town or a neighborhood festival. Contact us to discuss details.

team up with Storyhouse

We are still too green to start hiring booksellers, but stay tuned as we move along. 

In the meantime, we would still love to hear from you if the concept of building more bookish events around Des Moines gets your heart pumping. Do you have ideas? Want to be involved? 

We are always open to volunteers and looking for ways to support all different communities in Des Moines! Contact us.

on the horizon

Storyhouse is full of big ideas. Soon, we plan to expand into a brick and mortar location where we can display our book treasures for browsing and offer a cozy space for reading, drinking and to reserve your next bookish get-together. 

But don’t worry, traveling will always be in our blood as we value keeping a dynamic presence in Des Moines. 

In the meantime, check out our mini children’s bookstore inside MoMere in Valley Junction and follow us!